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Pretty Pigtails

Sometimes a girl just wants to lounge on the couch.  I was chilling out in my thong, a tank top, and two scrunchies holding my hair in pigtails when my photographer showed up with the camera.  He thought I looked cute and he promised me you guys would love these pictures.  I posted teasers to find out.  Watch me play around on the couch, showing off my perky tits and my tight ass. Then I decided to kick things up a bit and I let my hands wander.  I even pulled out a few toys I keep hiding in the living room.  You can see where I hide them at Kelli Young.

Being Cute

I think I’m still just a fun girl at heart, even when I’m being sexy for you.  I like pink clothes, striped socks, and a heart pillow that I’ve had for years.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t be a naughty girl, it just means that I can be cute at the same time.  If you don’t think it’s possible, go over to Kelli Young where I put the rest of these photos.  I know you’ll think I’m adorable while you pant and stare at the screen.  These photos didn’t stay G rated for long!


Pink is my favorite color.  I have pink furniture and clothes, and another special thing that is a little pink.  Look at my sexy tribute to my favorite color, and I’ll get down and dirty for you.  I had some naughty fun coming out of my clothes, then I tested the sturdiness of my pretty pink chair.  I know you want to see me put the chair through it’s paces, so go on over to Kelli Young and watch me play with the my favorite pink thing.

On the couch

I took these pictures on my couch.  My photographer loves the way I take my clothes off really slow to tease you guys.  We had a lot of fun giggling and getting some sexy shots.  I think I got a little wild, but the best photos are on Kelli Young if you want to see.

Short Skirt

I’m channeling my inner country girl in this short skirt and tan tank top.  That sweet and innocent look almost had my photographer convinced until I started getting really naughty.  Go to Kelli Young to see all the photos from this set.